Who Cut(out) The Cheese?

Bad weather on Monday delayed placement of this billboard sponsored by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

When the board went up on Tuesday it looked like this.

After Foamation (the maker of Cheesehead hats) threatened to sue, the PCRM decided to have the hat removed.  Frankly the press coverage that the board generated on behalf of the cheese-hating doctors was worth millions of dollars in publicity. I doubt the billboard will change anyone’s cheese eating habits but it has inspired a remake of Ingmar Bergman’s film, “The Seventh Seal.”

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2 Responses to Who Cut(out) The Cheese?

  1. criticasper says:

    Walter, the PCRM honestly deserves to be sued straight into the poorhouse. Look up the PCRM legislative fund on the net to see for yourself how litigious the PCRM themselves are. They abuse the law to shove their vegan zealotry down the throats of others. More egregiously, they use SLAPP suits to silence their critics. Just a few months ago, an advertiser associated with the PCRM – who is a personal friend of Elizabeth Kucinich (their PR czar, most people don’t even know she works for the PCRM) – threatened to sue a European blogger who exposed the fact that a previous PCRM advertisement campaign was a complete deception:


    This blatant attempt at coercive censorship completely backfired and the blogger ended up reporting the PCRM advertiser and her lawyer to the police for conspiracy to blackmail. The PCRM has several other skeletons in the closet.

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