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The Mysteries of Billboard Advertising

My daughter saw this billboard while stopped for a red light in Milwaukee. Thinking I have all the answers, she asked, “What does it mean?” The only reference I can find for “The Yes” in Milwaukee is for the Yeshiva … Continue reading

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I came across a website for auto body repair shop this morning.  They specialize in custom paint jobs; pearls, candies, metallic, real attention to detail stuff.  Unfortunately they haven’t paid much attention to their site.  The first thing that grabbed … Continue reading

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The School Of School Bus Advertising

Since 2008 thirty-four states and the District of Columbia have cut funding for K-12 education.  More states are joining this trend, leaving school districts scrambling to make up some of the lost revenue.  Realizing that PTA bake sales won’t cut … Continue reading

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Do You Understand The Words Coming Out Of My Mouth?

With apologies to Chris Tucker in  “Rush Hour,” it appears that television viewers often don’t understand. If you’ve ever watched a commercial and thought, “What the heck was that all about?” you aren’t alone.  According to an Adweek Media/Harris Poll, … Continue reading

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Hard Time Finding Software

Why did I even waste the gas?  I was looking into business tax software for my Mac.  Quit laughing.  Mac users are well versed in overcoming the difficulties encountered in locating programs that work with our far superior computers.  It … Continue reading

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Thank You Steve Martin

The new phone books are in!  The new phone books are in!  The 2011 version of the AT&T Yellow Page directory arrived on my lawn this afternoon.   As always I came running into the house doing my impression from … Continue reading

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A New Look For Starbucks

In celebration of their 40th  anniversary, Starbucks starts rolling out its new in store look today; focusing on Starbuck’s Iconic Siren.  According to Starbucks, the new logo reflects the brands evolution in the changing global market “by honoring our deep … Continue reading

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Defeating DVR

If you’re like me you skip most of the ads when you use your DVR.  I don’t need to watch “we can save you money on your car insurance” ads or promo’s for upcoming shows so I push that button … Continue reading

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