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Online Advertising Needs?

I’m not sure anyone has an online advertising need.  Maybe improved ROI or better conversion rates, but online advertising needs?  I think not.  When selling products and services don’t use cliches to make your point.  This from a website: One-stop … Continue reading

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It Does So Much More Than Just Tell The Time

How did I miss hearing about this?  Out of the funny papers and onto your wrist from Dinodirect; a watch that does everything but slice dice and mince onions all for about $200.  I’m not sure if this is a … Continue reading

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The Newspaper (I don’t) Get It

Well it seems that the newspaper industry has finally caught up with the radio industry when it comes to dumb self-promotion. In 2008 the Radio Advertising Bureau launched the “Radio Heard Here” campaign designed to underscore the broadening versatility of … Continue reading

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Worst Ad In America

For all the right reasons I love my DVR. For the second year in a row the readers of the Consumerist have voted for the worst commercial of the year.  Last year, Staples “Wow” ad took the honors followed by … Continue reading

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When Shorter Ads Aren’t Better

It’s a 10-second radio ad.  It runs right before the news on one of the local stations.  It is a jingle.  I can’t tell you what business it is for.  I believe the ad says, “B & M at your … Continue reading

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Advertising Has Gone to the Dogs

Nestlé Purina has launched an television ad campaign in Austria for it’s Beneful brand dog food.  I predict that the publicity the campaign generates will do more to sell the product than the ad will.  But whatever works, right? It … Continue reading

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A Daily Deal Train Wreck

I’m not convinced that “Daily Deals” are an effective tool for acquiring customers.  But the insanity (stupidity) that passes for writing on one sight make my head explode.  Here’s an example I came across this morning for a pair of … Continue reading

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Here’s My Beef

In 1984 eighty-one year old Clara Peller made advertising history when she uttered the slogan “Where’s the beef?”  Many times, shorter is better.  It only took Clara thirty-seconds to make the point that Wendy’s burgers were bigger than those from … Continue reading

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