A Question For K-Mart Merchandisers


I don’t shop for socks very often (working from a home office has certain benefits) and after my experience at my local K-Mart I hope I won’t have to shop for them again for quite a long time.  You’d think finding low-cut white athletic socks would be a simple task.  K-Mart is the nearest store to my house so I thought I would grab the socks and be out in a few minutes. That’s what I get for thinking. K-Mart has plenty of socks almost all of them size 6-12 which won’t fit a big guy like me.  I found one package of high tube style socks in the men’s sock section so I wandered over to the big and tall section.  Briefs, tees, pajamas and a few packages of socks sized 6 -12.

There’s no way in hell that K-Mart has only one package of bigger sized socks so I go back to the sock section and find two empty pegs which had held big socks.  Then I noticed a different color package on the lowest peg right above the

floor.  I had to get down on my knees to take the package off the peg without ripping it.  And if you’re a big guy like me, you know that getting down is often easier than getting back up.  I found the right size and style after 3 minutes of crawling on my hands and knees.

Why put socks for big and tall people on the bottom rung?  Please, sock shelvers of America, place the small socks on the bottom.   Short people don’t have that far to bend over and can’t reach the sox on top without a step stool, which could result in a fall and personal injury lawsuit.  At the very least put a sign with a picture of big socks and an arrow pointing toward the floor.

Thank you for your assistance.

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1 Response to A Question For K-Mart Merchandisers

  1. Chuck McKay says:

    Good suggestion, Walter. I share your pain.

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