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A Question For K-Mart Merchandisers

I don’t shop for socks very often (working from a home office has certain benefits) and after my experience at my local K-Mart I hope I won’t have to shop for them again for quite a long time.  You’d think … Continue reading

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Twitter Please Check Your Algorithms.

I received an email the other day from Twitter.  I don’t use Twitter very often.  Actually. I have an account, that’s pretty much it.  The few people who follow me only hear a tweet when I post a new blog entry.  … Continue reading

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Do You Want My Opinion Or My Life Story?

There is no doubt that online opinions and ratings are powerful tools in helping consumers make a buying decision.  But if you want customer opinions make it easy on the customer. During the past month I have made two purchases … Continue reading

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Hard Time Finding Software

Why did I even waste the gas?  I was looking into business tax software for my Mac.  Quit laughing.  Mac users are well versed in overcoming the difficulties encountered in locating programs that work with our far superior computers.  It … Continue reading

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What Are They Doing While Your Back Is Turned?

When you own your own business you only have to work half days.  Pick any 12 hours.  Which still leaves 12 hours for your employees to mess up everything you’ve worked for.  I was in Memphis awhile back and wanted … Continue reading

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