5 Steps to Advertising Success (90 minutes)

Hundreds of advertisers have shared their frustration with the lack of advertising success.  In nearly every case the advertiser had skipped or taken the steps in the wrong order.  This multimedia presentation shows how to get more bang for your advertising dollar no matter where you advertise.

Stop Selling and Start Hiring (45 minutes)

Designed for outside salespeople who would like to make more money with less effort.  We turn the sales process on its head helping you find better clients with less stress.

Remarkable Marketing (30 minutes)

How to supercharge your word-of-mouth marketing efforts by improving your personal experience factor.  Discover three WOM triggers and how to leverage your assets for maximum effectiveness.

Lower The Cost of Customer Acquisition (45 minutes)

The most expensive advertising is advertising that doesn’t work.  If what your ads aren’t driving the immediate traffic you expect, spend 45 minutes and learn how to turn your campaign around.

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