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The Feeling Is Mutual

Bank Mutual headquartered in Milwaukee has 79 branches across Wisconsin. The Mutual Fund Store headquartered in Overland Park Kansas has over 70 branches nationwide including Milwaukee. That poses a problem for The Mutual Fund Store’s new “The Feeling Is Mutual” … Continue reading

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When Shorter Ads Aren’t Better

It’s a 10-second radio ad.  It runs right before the news on one of the local stations.  It is a jingle.  I can’t tell you what business it is for.  I believe the ad says, “B & M at your … Continue reading

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Don’t Try To Slip One By Me

Exaggeration Doesn’t Pay I was eating breakfast minding my own business the other morning when an ad came on the radio that asked how I would like to read 1,000 times faster. Hmm, that’s enough to put down the shredded … Continue reading

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