Advertising Has Gone to the Dogs

Nestlé Purina has launched an television ad campaign in Austria for it’s Beneful brand dog food.  I predict that the publicity the campaign generates will do more to sell the product than the ad will.  But whatever works, right?

It certainly isn’t a new idea.  Before the days of commercial broadcasting Ivan Pavlov won a Nobel Prize for driving his dogs crazy.

The Beneful ad includes a ‘squeaky toy” squeak, a high frequency tone similar to a dog whistle that only the dog can hear and a high-pitched “ping” which can be heard by dogs and people (unless you are an ex rock disc jockey).

Dr Sanders, of Nestlé Purina PetCare in Germany, notes the a dog’s reaction depends on the dog and dog owners experience.  Dogs who play with squeaky toys will react most strongly to the sound.  Duh.

The sound of a bag of dog food being opened made my dog quite excited, so did the phrase “Go Ride Car.”  And a friend’s dog would go absolutely crazy when someone mentioned the word “trolley car.”

If you are thinking of playing the ad for your dog remember the combination of the audio quality on You Tube and your computer speakers wipes out a great deal of the high end of the audio spectrum.   If you try it please report back.  I am currently in custody of a couple of cats and as we all know, cats don’t care.

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